Wire Pole, oil on canvas, 140*170 cm, 11.2021
Infinitude, oil on canvas, 140*170 cm, 09.2021
Detective, oil on canvas, 140*120 cm, 09.2021

Return, oil on canvas, 150*170 cm, 08.2021
Wire Pole II, oil on canvas, 140*170 cm, 10.2021

Slippery in the snow, Oil on canvas, 175*150 cm, 08.2020

Waste Land, Oil on Canvas, 50*70 cm, 2021.03

Empty Valley I, Oil on canvas, 120*150 cm, 03.2021
Empty Valley II, Oil on canvas, 120*150 cm, 03. 2021

Oil on canvas, 2020

The Flags

Oil on canvas, 70*170 cm, 10.2020

Snow Valley, Oil on canvas, 80*100 cm, 01.2021

The Study of the New Materialisms

New Materialism is the main area where I develop my thoughts and transform them into my artworks. In 2019, I wrote my master thesis in the light of New Materialisms to analyze the materiality of language in conceptual art. For the new materialists, the agency of matter is a key notion that is as essential as the agency of humans. The active-passive relations between humans and things are denied by the new materialists. In this context, humans are also things. The New Materialisms offer a new ontological way to view things resulting in critique of Descartism. The notion of things does not need a form to occupy space at a certain time. It can be, in other words, fields of force or energy. Also, the relations among things can be considered as the energies flowing invisibly from one field to another. Thus, in my painting, I try to open the bodies of the figures and paint them as fields in order to reconstruct the relations between humans and space, especially the natural environment around them.

This interpretation of the obscure and contingent relations between humans and nature shows an anthropocentrism attitude. It can also be used to see the current situation caused by the corona virus – the tiny virus, occupying so less space, now is able to reveal its invisible enormous thing-power to the human community. This is an integral part of my recent works.

Little Hills and a Sculpture

Acrylic color on paper, 80*100 cm,11.2019


Acrylic color on canvas, 80*100 cm, 03.2020

“The ‘new materialism’ is the most common name given to a series of movements in several fields that criticise anthropocentrism, rethink subjectivity by playing up the role of inhuman forces within the human, emphasize the self- organizing powers of several nonhuman processes, explore dissonant relations between those processes and cultural practice, rethink the sources of ethics, and commend the need to fold a planetary dimension more actively and regularly into studies of global, interstate and state politics.”– William.E.Connolly

Nevado del Cocuy,

Acrylic color on canvas, 120*100 cm, 02.2019

The Bank of the Other Side
Acrylic color on canvas, 50*40 cm, 11.2018

Self-portrait with Hometown, Acrylic color on paper,68.5*42 cm, 12.2018
Acrylic color on paper, 80*80 cm, 11.2018

Red Spider Lily

Acrylic color on paper, 80*80 cm, 11.2018


Oil on paper, 42*30 cm, 07.2019

Insomnia on the Land

Acrylic color on paper, 120*100 cm, 07.2019

Opening the Mountains Oil on canvas, 120*100 cm,  06.2020

COVID-19/ Quarantine


Acrylic color on canvas, 80*100 cm, 05.2020


Acrylic color on canvas, 80*100 cm, 04.2020


Acrylic color on canvas, 80*100 cm, 04.2020


The Blooming Tree outside the House

Oil on canvas, 60*80 cm, 05.2020

Hang a Book Like a Shirt

Oil on canvas, 60*80 cm, 05.2020

2666 is a novel written by Roberto Bolaño, which is considered as an epic of the contemporary Literature. I took the scenes in his book to overlap with my personal life to create an inner space in light of 2666.

The Wasteland and a Red Line

Oil on canvas, 80*100 cm, 05.2020

Fremde, mixed media on paper, 2017
Oil on Paper, 2015