Mask Assemblage

Politic is not a being, an entity rather than a Ding that is assembled to be emergent, which gathers around a certain matter of concern. The pandemic of Covid-19, as a matter of concern, shows intensive vibration among the human communities. Masks as the presentation of the issues that are actant to motivate humans to move, to change their behaviors. The relations between mask and humans construct the assemblage around the Covid-19 issues.

In this drawing project, I record and interpret the vibration of human activities, which are caused by the Ding-Mask, such as the social distance, the conflicts with the policemen, entering the parliaments and the refusal of using masks in the pandemic, etc.

The Study of Dot and Lines

Writing and drawing share a bizarre common ground that I am interested in. In the next part, I try to show the materiality of language by taking out the meaning of the scripts so that the autonomy of writing can appear. Writing or scribble in this drawings does not give any concrete meaning. In these drawings, strokes do not refer to any signified. Instead of that, they evoke the energy from the strokes. Those incomprehensible signs and scribbles open a gap to see the entangled relations between writing and drawing.